137 Basket Bag

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The PTAP Designs Basket Bag is designed to work in conjunction with the Wald 137 basket* and is the perfect on-the-go bag for errands, commutes or even the occasional bikepacking trip. After many different prototypes and iterations, PTAP Designs has finally landed on a design that is both functional and easy to use. All bags are made with waterproof Cordura nylon fabric and designed to have minimal seams for more water protection.


-Rolltop design that is highly weatherproof and adaptable to different cargo load sizes
-2” reflective ribbon for high visibility from the front and sides while on the bike
-Padded base made with brightly colored packcloth to make your packables easy to find
-Easy to use hardware keeps your bag attached to your basket while in motion
-Simple carry off the bike

"With its fewer seams and minimal padding, PTAP’s lightweight bag boasts a profile that’s far more organic (read, less boxy) than typical basket bags. Measuring 16″ tall, the 300-gram bag’s generous rolltop closure easily accommodates larger loads. The closure’s quick-release buckles do double duty by keeping the bag securely fastened via adjustable, bottom-mounted straps. Extra-long carrying handles and snap closure make the PTAP bag ideal for shopping or everyday carry duty." -GRAVELBIKE.com

Made in Baltimore, Maryland

*Wald basket not included with purchase